Montag, 27. September 2010

My messy self and David Bowie

While I'm in a really messy state -> totally stressed out, I'm really getting headache right now, because I effing try so hard to finish this seminar paper while I think it's pretty much utter crap - well I just want to have something nice to look at. And to give my readers a sign that I'm still alive. So here is a really gorgeous picture of David Bowie putting make-up on. Isn't he lovely?
Thanks to Anni for sending me this gem. You really know what I like. :D

Next week (probably) there will be a little review on the Beth Ditto collection from Evans. At least about the three pieces I could get. If anyone has got a spare red/black zigzag-dress, I'll take it!

Oh and there will be some new Disneyland-content from a short trip this week! :D


  1. sehr schön :) Männer die sich schminken sind toll <3

  2. Kommt drauf an wer und wie, aber generell kann das schon toll sein! :)